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Westinghouse Fridge
Westinghouse Refrigerator Repair in Melbourne

Westinghouse has been a trusted household name in Australia for over six decades. Despite being predominantly manufactured in China, these fridges boast robust and mechanically sound designs, offering durability that often surpasses more renowned brands. We're here to help with top-notch Westinghouse refrigerator repair services in Melbourne.

Common Westinghouse Fridge Issues

The most prevalent design flaw in Westinghouse fridges pertains to their doors:

While they're designed to accommodate substantial loads of bottles, jars, and groceries, they can sometimes struggle to support the weight, leading to door collapses or even detachment.

There are two solutions to address this issue:

Option 1: Purchase a new door, with prices ranging from $300.00 to $450.00, but this doesn't necessarily solve the underlying problem.

Option 2: A steel plate can be custom-made and installed under the door to act as a sturdy support, preventing future door collapses. Typically, this procedure costs around $300.00.

Electronic Board (PCB) Failures:

The second most common issue encountered in Westinghouse refrigerators involves the main electronic board, or PCB. Its failure can manifest in several ways, with one of the most frequent symptoms being the cooling malfunction, where the refrigerator section stops cooling while the freezer remains operational. This occurs when the PCB fails to perform its defrost cycle, leading to ice buildup in the freezer, which obstructs airflow to the fridge.

Another sign of PCB failure is when the refrigerator goes completely silent. Although the lights may still work, no mechanical or motor sounds are heard, and both the fridge and freezer cease cooling instantly. In rare instances, a faulty PCB can trip the main switchboard's RCD or safety switch.

Fan and Heating Element Troubles:

The third most common issue pertains to the freezer fan, which may stop functioning due to worn-out motor shaft bearings or a burnt-out electric motor. When this happens, the fridge compartment loses cooling entirely, and the top section of the freezer's performance declines noticeably.

The fourth most frequent problem involves the heating element, termination thermostat, and thermal fuse. These components are closely interconnected, and when one fails, it often leads to the failure of all three. Symptoms include the entire unit tripping the safety switch, which is often linked to a faulty heater, or the fridge compartment losing cooling due to excessive ice buildup that obstructs airflow from the freezer. In such cases, any of the three components listed above, including the PCB, could be at fault.

Less Common Gas and Compressor Issues:

Gas leaks and compressor failures are the least common problems with Westinghouse refrigerators. These issues are more complex to diagnose accurately, and onsite repairs are not recommended due to various factors, including time constraints. Workshop repairs, which involve extensive testing over a 24-hour period, are better suited for addressing these problems.

Westinghouse Fridge
Westinghouse Fridge Repair

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