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Kelvinator Fridge
Kelvinator Refrigerator Repair in Melbourne

Kelvinator and Simpson, two trusted brand names under the Electrolux umbrella, offer refrigerators that bear the Simpson or Kelvinator badge. Electrolux manufactures these refrigerators, known for their efficient and straightforward designs that excel at their tasks. These brands cover a wide range of the mid-range market with their lineup, including upright, bottom mount, stand-alone/pigeon pair, and side-by-side versions.

We're here to help with top-notch Kelvinator and Simpson refrigerator repair services in Melbourne.

Common Issues with Kelvinator and Simpson Fridges

The most common issues affecting these refrigerators relate to the defrost cycle.

In the world of refrigeration, four components control this crucial function. Some models, especially the upright, bottom mount, and stand-alone versions, skip electronics and rely on a mechanical timer that activates the defrost cycle approximately every 6 hours for 20 minutes.

When your refrigerator appears to operate normally but the refrigerator compartment doesn't cool adequately or not at all, it's likely due to a failure in one of the four components linked to the defrost cycle. This can result in the freezer compartment icing over and blocking airflow.

Standard procedure involves identifying the problematic part.

Using a multimeter, you can measure the defrost heater, termination thermostat, and thermal fuse. If they provide the correct readings, the timer is likely the culprit. Timers can fail just as frequently as the other components tied to the defrost cycle.

After you replace the faulty part, you need to de-ice the freezer's evaporator coil. You can do this by turning off the refrigerator, a process that can take up to 4 days depending on ambient temperatures. Alternatively, you can expedite the process using a hair dryer or heat gun, but exercise caution to prevent damage to the surrounding plastic insulation. Another option is to take the refrigerator outside and carefully hose it down with a garden hose, while being mindful of wiring connections in the freezer and the refrigerator's thermostat. Once you've removed all the ice, you should remove the internal back panel and inspect and clear the ductwork of any remaining ice.

If your refrigerator is tripping the safety switch, the most common culprits are the heating element/termination thermostat or the compressor itself. To pinpoint the faulty component, you'll need an insulation tester. Attempting to troubleshoot the problem by disconnecting each item until the circuit breaker trips can potentially damage the circuit/breaker and is not recommended.

A second common issue, particularly with Simpson-badged refrigerators, is a faulty thermostat.

This issue manifests as higher-than-normal temperatures inside the refrigerator, typically hovering around 8 degrees Celsius.

With Side by Side Kelvinator and Simpson models, some feature a small electronic defrost board that can fail. Symptoms include rising refrigerator temperatures, regardless of the set settings, and ice formation on the freezer compartment's evaporator. To resolve this, you must first rule out the heater and termination thermostat as faulty before replacing the electronic defrost board and defrosting the evaporator coil.

Kelvinator Fridge
Kelvinator Fridge Repair

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