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GE Refrigerator Repair in Melbourne

General Electric refrigeration has been a trusted choice for over 50 years, originating from the USA. While GE offers a full range of refrigerator designs, the Side by Side refrigerator is among the most common options.

The electronic features in GE refrigerators enhance functionality but can present challenges when your GE fridge experiences issues. While minor problems like ice maker glitches and filter purging can often be resolved using troubleshooting guides on the GE Appliance website, more complex issues with built-in electronics may require professional assistance for your GE fridge repairs.

Common Issues with GE Fridges

Older Versions (20+ Years):

Older GE refrigerator models are typically straightforward and encounter few major problems. However, when they do face issues like compressor failure or gas leaks, it may be more cost-effective to consider upgrading due to both the repair cost and the unit's age.

Defrost Failure:

One of the most common issues with older units is defrost failure. Symptoms include the freezer seeming fine while the refrigerator isn't as cold as it should be, or the upper part of the freezer being warmer than the lower part. This is often caused by ice buildup on the freezer evaporator coil, obstructing airflow from the freezer to the refrigerator and within the freezer itself. The primary component responsible for this issue is the heater/heaters located on the freezer evaporator coil.

Termination Thermostat and Timer:

The termination thermostat, typically located on top of the freezer evaporator coil, can also contribute to defrost failures. The timer may be another culprit. If your refrigerator is tripping the safety switch, these components should be inspected along with the heaters.

GE Recent Models

More recent GE refrigerator models feature advanced electronics with sensors instead of traditional thermostats. While these designs offer enhanced functionality, they can be more complex when diagnosing problems.

If you discover that your refrigerator isn't defrosting and has accumulated ice, start by checking the heaters and termination thermostat for correct values. Next, examine the freezer sensors for the right readings. You can usually find schematic diagrams or sensor values online using your refrigerator's model number. If all checks out, consider replacing or repairing the main board.

GE Fridge
Classic GE Fridge Repair

Tripping the Safety Switch

For both old and new GE refrigerators, tripping the safety switch or circuit breaker can result from various issues. The most common causes include a faulty defrost heating element located behind a metal or plastic cover in the freezer, a malfunctioning termination thermostat, or a problematic compressor (the main motor).

While the above-listed issues are the most common culprits, other factors can also lead to circuit breaker tripping. These include various electrical problems.

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We’ve seen this before - this is due to failure of a defrosting component inside the freezer compartment - and something we can generally repair on the spot.

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