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Electrolux Refrigerator Repair in Melbourne

Electrolux, a household name since the inception of refrigeration, continues to be a major player on the global stage, offering a wide range of kitchen appliances. As the main parts manufacturer for their products, Electrolux maintains a reputation for producing quality refrigerators. They offer a diverse selection, including upright, bottom mount, standalone, French door, upright freezers, chest freezers, and side-by-side models. Electrolux prioritizes simplicity and reliability in their designs, minimizing the likelihood of failures.

In the unlikely event, we're here to help with expert Electrolux refrigerator repair services in Melbourne.

Common Electrolux Refrigerator Issues

Upright and Bottom Mount Models:

Electrolux upright and bottom mount models share a common cooling system that cools the freezer before distributing cold air into the fridge compartment. This process is regulated by a motorized flap or baffle, responding to temperature readings from a sensor in the fridge. The main issue with these models is the wear and tear of the motorized baffle's plastic gears over time, causing them to become stuck. Symptoms include everything inside the refrigerator freezing, regardless of the temperature setting.

Main Electronic Board (PCB) Failure:

Another common issue arises when the main electronic board or PCB fails. This failure disrupts the periodic defrost cycle, leading to the freezer's evaporator coil icing over and blocking ducts connected to both the fridge and freezer. Over about two weeks, this results in noticeable warming of the refrigerator. While the PCB is a common culprit, a thorough examination of other components is necessary to rule out underlying causes.

Side-by-Side Models:

Electrolux side-by-side models follow a basic design principle that has evolved over 40 years. These refrigerators often experience PCB failures, followed by issues with the condenser fan motor and the motorized baffle mentioned earlier. Some models feature an LCD display module on the freezer door or inside the refrigerator, typically above the water and ice dispenser. When these displays go blank or stop showing parameters, it's often due to a faulty main PCB. Occasionally, both the display and main PCB may require replacement, but display module replacement is rare.

Motorized Baffle and Condenser Fan Motor:

Inside the refrigerator, the motorized baffle may commonly fail due to its design. Symptoms include either the refrigerator compartment freezing or not cooling adequately. The second most common issue in side-by-side Electrolux refrigerators is the condenser fan motor. When this motor malfunctions, the freezer compartment may not freeze as effectively, or the cabinet edges around the doors may become excessively hot. Checking the back of the refrigerator, removing any obstructions from the fan, and cleaning the condenser coil with a vacuum cleaner or an air compressor can help resolve these issues.

Electrolux Fridge
Electrolux Fridge Repair

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