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Bosch Fridge
Bosch Refrigerator Repair in Melbourne

Bosch refrigerators have been a trusted choice for two decades. These refrigerators come in various styles, including upright, bottom mount, side by side, and French door versions. If you're facing issues with your Bosch refrigerator, we're here to help with top-notch Bosch refrigerator repair services in Melbourne.

Common Bosch Refrigerator Issues

Side by Side Refrigerators with Water and Ice Dispensers:

Side by side Bosch refrigerators are known for water and ice dispenser problems. Older models have a single cooling system, where the cooling is done in the freezer compartment and distributed into the refrigerator section through a fan. The primary issue is often a malfunctioning evaporator fan located in the freezer. Symptoms include improper cooling in the refrigerator and defrosting in the upper section of the freezer. The usual culprit is a faulty freezer fan. Replacing the fan and cleaning the evaporator coil typically restores normal operation.

Recent Side by Side Models with Twin Cooling:

Recent Bosch side by side models incorporate a twin cooling system in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. The most common problem with these models is a failing main board or PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This issue results in improper cooling in the refrigerator compartment, causing items in the upper section to remain unchilled, while the lower section freezes due to an iced-over evaporator coil. Repair or replacement of the PCB is required, followed by defrosting the refrigerator, which can be more involved.

Defrost Heater Failure:

Another common issue in Bosch refrigerators is a defrost heater failure inside the refrigerator. This problem can manifest as the refrigerator tripping the safety switch or circuit breaker on the main house power board or difficulty maintaining the correct temperature setting.

Upright Models:

Upright Bosch refrigerator models are generally well-designed and experience fewer issues. However, the electronic main board and compressor can occasionally fail, albeit rarely.

Bosch Fridge
Bosch Fridge Repair

If you're facing any of these issues with your Bosch refrigerator in Melbourne, contact our expert Bosch refrigerator repair service in the Eastern and South Eastern suburbs. We'll diagnose and resolve the problem, ensuring your refrigerator operates at its best. Don't let refrigerator problems disrupt your daily life – trust our experienced technicians for reliable repairs.

We’ve seen this before - this is due to failure of a defrosting component inside the freezer compartment - and something we can generally repair on the spot.

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