Wine Fridges and Wine Coolers

Wine Fridge and Wine Cooler Repairs

Wine Fridge and Wine Cooler Repairs

wine cooler repairs Melbourne

Temperature rising? You can't let your wine spoil but there is probably no need to replace your wine cooler or wine fridge. It will almost certainly be cheaper to have it fixed than to buy a new one. We are qualified, experienced fridge mechanics specialising in wine cooler repairs (plus wine fridges which are slightly different).

We offer same day service throughout Melbourne's Eastern and South Eastern suburbs, from Kew to the Peninsula. We repair and service all makes of coolers / chillers and fridges. No call out fee!

Wine Cooler repair Melbourne

Wine fridges and coolers have taken off in the last 20 years in Australia thanks to the great love of high quality wines produced in this country.

To cater for this market, lots of manufacturers have designed a great range of solutions, starting from the basic glass door bar fridge type to a 500 litre upright single glass door dual zone wine refrigerator. Most common brand names such as Delonghi, Vintec, Haier, elfe, Eurogrand, Hisense, Husky, King Bottle and Lemair plus many more have prices starting from $300.00 to $5000.00 or more.

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Common issues

The most common design in the mid range and up comprise of a refrigeration system with a compressor heaters fans main board and sensor. This design is identical to a normal domestic refrigerator.

Common issues with all refrigerator systems are:

Refrigerant leaks on the evaporator coil located inside on the back wall.

The symptom related to this issue is the temperature going up and ice forming in the corner of the back wall inside of the cabinet were the evaporator is located.

The solution is to locate and fix/repair the leak, vac system out and recharge with the correct amount and type of refrigerant used to resume correct operation.

The fridge isn’t cooling at all.

There usually is one or two things causing this problem. Either the compressor is faulty or the main board is faulty. To diagnose these issues one requires specific tools and knowledge in regards to electricity and refrigerant gas pressures.

Even though anything to do with a refrigerant leak or a compressor failure is quite a major issue all these problems can be repaired usually at a quarter of the cost of a brand new unit.

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