Westinghouse Fridge Repairs

Westinghouse Fridge Repairs

Westinghouse Fridge Repairs

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Westinghouse is a good quality household name that has been around for over 60 years in Australia.
The design and engineering of these fridges are mechanically are sound and quite robust. Although they are
all mainly manufacture in china, their designs are simple and basic and therefore are less likely to breakdown
in comparison to other well known brands.

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Common issues with Westinghouse Fridges

Most common issue or design flaw with these units is the doors themselves.
Even though the doors are designed in a way to hold very large amounts of bottles jars and other
foods the actual design cannot support the weight that is exhorted on the door itself and causes it
to collapse on itself and in some cases causing it to fall off.

Two option are available to solve this issue:

Option 1: purchase a new door, depending on the size and color of the door the price will
range from $300.00 to $450.00 but you are basically buying the same problem.

Option 2 : a steal plate can be manufactured and fitted under the door itself to act as a support which
will strengthen and prevent the door collapsing in on itself ever again. Usually the cost of this
procedure is around the $300.00 mark.

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The second most common issue with Westinghouse refrigerators across the board is the main electronic
board or PCB for short. There are a number of symptoms that occur due to the failure of the main
board. Most common is the refrigerator section stops cooling while the freezer section is still cooling
ok. What occurs is that the main board stops performing its defrost cycle and therefore only
performs its cooling cycle causing the evaporator coil in the freezer to ice over and block the ducts
connected between the freezer and fridge stopping the cool air flowing from the freezer into the

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Another symptom that occurs when the PCB fails is that the refrigerator goes completely quite. The
lights are on but no mechanical or motor noise is heard and all cooling in fridge and freezer stop
instantly. This is when the PCB completely fails.
On rare occasions a faulty PCB will cause the main switch board RCD or safety switch to trip, this
doesn’t happen often but it has been known to occur.

Westinghouse fridge repairs Melbourne South Eastern suburbs

The third most common fault diagnosis with Westinghouse refrigerators is the freezer fan stops working
either due to bearing in the motor shaft being worn out or the electric motor itself has burnt out.
When this occurs the symptom usually is that the fridge compartment has stopped cooling
completely and the bottom part of the freezer is ok but the top part of the freezer isn’t performing
as well as it should (noticeable difference).

The fourth most common issue with Westinghouse refrigerators is when either the heating element has failed
or the termination thermostat/thermal fuse. These 3 items are closely connected together. When
one fails they all fail, the heater being the most important due to function of removing the ice from
the freezer. Symptoms are either the whole unit starts tripping the safety switch, which most likely
would be a faulty heater, or again the fridge compartment stops cooling because of excessive
ice build up which blocks air flow from freezer to the fridge. When this happens the fault can be with
any of the 3 components listed above heater/termination thermostat/ thermal fuse including the PCB.

The least common issues with Westinghouse refrigerators are gas leak and compressor failure. These
issues are harder to diagnose correctly in comparison to the other listed problems and should not be
repaired onsite due to a number of reasons one being the time factor. This type of repair can take
over 3 hours and once completed should be tested over a 24 hr period to confirm correct operation
which lends itself to being more suited for the workshop repair as opposed to onsite repairs.

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