Simpson & Kelvinator Fridge Repairs

Simpson & Kelvinator Fridge Repairs

Simpson & Kelvinator Fridge Repairs

simpson kelvinator refrigertor repair melbourne

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These 2 brand names fall under the Electrolux brand, meaning they are manufactured by Electrolux and badged Simpson or Kelvinator. Again, they both are a very good simple designs which perform their tasks more than adequately. With their common upright, bottom mount, stand alone/pigeon pair and side by side versions they cover most of the mid range market.


Simpson & Kelvinator repair Melbourne

Common issues with Simpson and Kelvinator Fridges

Most common issues with these refrigerators is the defrost side of the refrigeration. There are 4
items that control the defrost cycle and some of these models do not have electronics incorporated
into them especially with the upright, bottom mount and stand alone versions. They are fitted with a
mechanical timer which times in the defrost cycle usually every 6 hours for 20 minutes. Usually,
when the refrigerator seems to be making all the right noises but the refrigerator compartment
doesn’t seem to be cooling as well as it should or not at all, there will be a failure of one of the 4
items connected to the defrost cycle and the freezer compartment will be iced over and blocked off.

Simpson & Kelvinator refrigerator repair service - more details

Standard procedure is to first work out which part is causing the issue. The defrost heater/
termination thermostat and thermal fuse can be measured with a multimeter. If they measure the
correct reading then all that is left is your timer which is common to fail just as much as the other
items connected to the defrost cycle. Once the faulty part has been replaced, the evaporator coil in
the freezer needs to be de-iced by leaving the refrigerator switched off, which can take up to
4 days if not longer depending on ambient temperatures. Option 2 is to use a hair dryer or a heat
gun which can take about 40 minutes, it is much faster but can be damaging to the surrounding
plastic cabinet insulation which is heat sensitive. Option 3 is to take the refrigerator outside and
hose it out with a garden hose, being mindful of the wiring connections in the freezer and
thermostat in the refrigerator. Once all the ice is removed then the refrigerator internal back panel
needs to be removed and the duct work needs to be inspected and unblocked from ice if any is still

We Repair Simpson & Kelvinator (fridge, freezer)

If the refrigerator is tripping the safety switch, the most common issues there are either the heating element /
termination thermostat or the compressor itself.
To find out which component is causing shortage, an insulation tester is required. This item is a costly
tool and is quite specific for its function. It is not advisable to try to trouble shoot this problem by
disconnecting each item until the circuit breaker stops flicking off because it may damage the
circuit/breaker in the process.

Simpson & Kelvinator fridge repairs Melbourne South Eastern suburbs

Second most common issue found with mainly the Simpson badged refrigerator is a faulty
thermostat. The symptom is higher than normal temperature inside the refrigerator, usually around
8C degrees.
With the Side by side Simpson and Kelvinator models some have a small electronic defrost board
which is common to fail. The symptom is the refrigerator temperature starting to go up no matter what
setting is set. Also ice is formed on the evaporator inside the freezer compartment. Firstly, the heater
and termination thermostat need to be eliminated as faulty before the electronic defrost board is
replaced and the evaporator coil defrosted.

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