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Fridge Repairs Melbourne

Fridge Repairs Melbourne

We specialise in modern domestic fridge repairs in Melbourne's South-East and Eastern suburbs.
We service most modern refrigerator brands - and freezers too.

fridge repairs Melbourne

We service all model types such as side by side, french doors, upright, bottom mount refrigerators, pigeon pair and stand alone fridges and freezers.

We are qualified and certified to cover all aspects of refrigeration repairs be it electrical or mechanical. We carry all the necessary tools and equipment to diagnose and repair any break down that could occur during the lifespan of any refrigerator.

We pride ourselves in being upfront and forthcoming in regards to any repair or diagnoses with total costs involved and any other possible hidden design flaws which may cause future issue’s so as you the customer are aware and on the same page. Your trust is important to us.

In most situations we will try to diagnose the problem or issue over the phone and give a rough estimate on costs involved so as again you, the customer, don’t get surprised by any unexpected costs after the completion of the job. Generally what gets quoted over the phone is what it will end up costing give or take 30 – 40 dollars.

We service refrigerator brands such as Samsung/Bosch/LG/Westinghouse/Electrolux/kelvinator/Smeg/Maytag/Whirlpool/JennAir/General Electric/Fisher Paykel/Haier/Hisense plus lots more in our quest to be the Melbourne fridge repair experts!

Common Fridge Repairs

Most common issues with modern frost-free refrigerators are as follows:

Freezer seems to be ok but the fridge isn’t keeping temperature no matter how much you turn it up.

This generally is caused by the electrical side of refrigeration failing which causes the unit to skip it’s defrost cycle and causes icing up of the coil which is located in the freezer behind a plastic cover location depending on which model and brand.

Once the coil is blocked with ice, air circulation seizes and cold air cannot reach the fridge compartment.

The main components that are involved in performing the correct defrost operation of any modern refrigerator are as follows:

  • Main board (PCB)
  • Termination Thermostat or Defrost sensor
  • Thermal fuse
  • Heater (steel/glass/aluminum)

Any of the components listed above are the main causes of no defrost or warm fridge or fridge not cooling

Fridge trips the circuit breaker

The second most common issue with all modern refrigerators (some more common than others) is the issue of finding out that your fridge has tripped the circuit breaker in your main fuse box usually located on the outside of your house.

First of all it is best to unplug any appliance or electrical equipment that is causing the circuit breaker to trip before resetting the circuit breaker.

The most common issues when your fridge is tripping the circuit breaker is related to the heating element which is located generally inside the freezer under the cooling coil (evaporator).

All brands and models are different and may have 2 or more heaters to aid the defrost cycle.

In any case, the fact that your fridge is tripping the circuit breaker doesn’t mean that it is the end of your fridge and you must go buy a new one! It is a common issue and not a big deal for a competent technician to resolve. Definitely not a good reason to replace the fridge with a new one.

Qualified Melbourne Fridge Repairs

Unfortunately as technology advances more and more gadgets are introduced into refrigeration for better performance and or added functionality. This introduces more possibilities for things to go wrong at a much more earlier stage of the fridges life. It is much more economical to get the unit looked at by qualified personnel especially when cost of unit was around $2000.00 and beyond! Not to mention the waste of resources when contributing to the today’s cycle of continuous upgrading every couple of years (not good for our planet -  good for big companies).

Most mechanical or refrigerant related issues such as gas leak, compressor failure or system blockage can be resolved in most instances but do require for your fridge to be taken away to the workshop due to the more involved nature of the issue. Such works performed also require the fridge to be tested and observed for certain period of time for correct operation.

Fridge Loaners Available

A loan fridge can be provided free of charge to minimize the inconvenience of living without a fridge.

All refrigerants which are used in today's refrigerators require licenses and certification to legally handle and or purchase these items. This is certainly a way for a customer to find out if the technician they have contacted to perform the repairs on their refrigerator is legitimate and qualified to perform all possible scenarios that may be ahead of them. All too often I hear “No sorry we don’t do that side of refrigeration” which will end up costing you more time and money in the end.

Wine Fridge Repairs

We also repair all wine fridges and/or coolers dealing with all electrical and mechanical failures. Generally, with most wine fridges the main issues are refrigerant leaks related to the given nature of the designs out there.





Call us now for a qualified, licensed fridge mechanic. We service all of south and east Melbourne suburbs. Same day service, no call out fees - ask for Paul!