FAQs | Fridge and Freezer Malfuctions and Repairs

We like to offer free help and advice where we can, and so here are a few common questions in relation to servicing and maintenance on your appliances.And also a little more detail of what you can expect from us in terms of our servicing.

My fridge is not cooling correctly in the fridge compartment - is this something you can fix?

Certainly! This is one of the most common causes of malfunction to your home fridge freezer and something we can restore.

My fridge seems to be tripping the circuit breaker?

We’ve seen this before - this is due to failure of a defrosting component inside the freezer compartment - and something we can generally repair on the spot.

Do you have to take my fridge/freezer away for repair?
On the rare occasions we cannot fix your unit onsite - we will supply you with a free loan fridge/freezer while we repair yours - at no additional cost.

How long on average does the repairs take?
Usually we can fix most issues within the hour once we’re on site

Are you insured?
We are for public liability ($5 million)

Are your repairs guaranteed
Of course! We offer warranty on parts and labour

Do you offer seniors discount?
We do! Please request this on call out.