Electrolux Fridge Repairs

Electrolux Fridge Repairs

Electrolux Fridge Repairs

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The Electrolux brand name has been around since the start of refrigeration. Electrolux now is one of the biggest co-operations on the worlds stage, covering all appliances in the kitchen laundry household and more. They are also the main parts manufacturer for all their appliances that they produce.
Electrolux is still producing good quality refrigerators with a vast range in upright, bottom mount, stand alone, French door, upright freezers, chest freezers and side by side. Electrolux designs seem to have been to remain basic and simple to minimize failure rate.

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Common issues with Electrolux Fridges

Electrolux upright and bottom mount models are designed in the same way as in they all create cooling in
the freezer. The cooling is then fan forced up or down into the fridge compartment which is also
regulated by a motorized flap or baffle. This opens and closed depending on the fridge temperature
which is sensed by a sensor in the fridge which relays temperature information to the main board.
This main board then sends electrical current to the motorized baffle to open or close according to the
temperature and the temperature settings.
Main issue with these designs is the motorized baffle itself with its plastic gears which after a certain
amount of time wear out causing them to get stuck in position. The symptoms of this issue is either
everything inside the refrigerator starts to freeze up, no matter what the setting.

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Another common issue is when the main electronic board or PCB fails which in turn
causes a number of symptoms, the main one being that the refrigerator compartment stops cooling. The
reason why the refrigerator stops cooling is because the PCB has stopped performing its periodic
defrost cycle causing the evaporator coil inside the freezer to ice over which then blocks off all the
ducts connected to and from the fridge and freezer. This process usually takes about 2 weeks before
the refrigerator is noticeably warm. Even though it is common for the main PCB to be at fault when
this occurs, other components must be measured to eliminate the cause of the issue.

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Side by Side Electrolux models are a good basic design with its single cooling design which has been
around for 40 years, but obviously more refined these days. The main failure of these refrigerators is
also the PCB followed by the condenser fan motor and also the motorized baffle discussed above.
The Electrolux range has either the display module on the front of the fridge door or it is located
inside the refrigerator at the back, up the top with the fridge light. The models with water and ice
usually have the LCD display module on the freezer door above the water and ice dispenser.
Commonly when these display modules go blank and stop displaying their parameters, it is the main
PCB that has become faulty and needs to be replaced. Sometimes both the display and the main
PCB needs to be replaced but rarely does the display module need to be replaced.

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Also common issue is the motorised baffle which is located inside the refrigerator. This item
commonly fails because of its poor design. The symptoms displayed when the baffle fails
is either the refrigerator compartment starting to freeze everything or not cooling at all.
Second most common issue with the side by side Electrolux refrigerators is the condenser fan motor.
The motor is there to remove the heat from the condenser coil and also keep the compressor at a
reasonable temperature. The symptom of the fan motor not functioning correctly is either the freezer
compartment isn’t freezing as well as it should and certain products such as ice cream are starting to
go soft. Or the cabinet edge around the doors where the door seals sit has become very hot. This is
when one should check the back of the refrigerator by removing the back cover and observe the fan.
Sometimes some foreign object obstructs and blocks the fan from operating or the condenser coil is
completely blocked with dust and/or fluff. Vacuum cleaner is ok to use after unplugging the refrigerator
from the power socket. However, the ideal method is to use an air compressor to blow out any dust or fluff
stuck to the condenser coil.

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