Bosch Fridge Repairs

Bosch Fridge Repairs

Bosch Fridge Repairs

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Our qualified technician will come to you with no call out fee. Fridge0 Refrigeration operates throughout Melbourne's Eastern and South Eastern suburbs. We offer same day service and repairs on all makes of Bosch refrigerators and freezers.


Bosch refrigerators have been around for 20 years. Bosch has the standard models: upright,
bottom mount, side by side and French door versions.

Bosch refrigerator repair Melbourne

Common issues with Bosch Fridges

The most common issues are the Side by Side refrigerators usually with the water and ice dispensers.
There are also two versions of the side by side refrigerator. The earlier model is a single cooling design where all the cooling is performed in the freezer compartment and fan forced into the refrigerator compartment. With these models the main problem is the evaporator fan located up top inside the freezer compartment. The symptom is that the refrigerator stops cooling correctly, or at all, followed by the freezer compartment function being OK on the bottom section of the compartment but defrosting up the top section. The most common cause of this symptom is a faulty freezer fan. Once the fan is replaced and the evaporator coil is cleaned with the ducts unblocked with ice normal operation should recommence.

Bosch refrigerator repair service - more details

The more recent designs of the Side by Side Bosch refrigerator has a twin cooling system
incorporated which means both the refrigerator and freezer compartments have a evaporator coil
built into them. With these models the most common issue is the main board or PCB failing.
In this case, the refrigerator compartment stops cooling correctly and any produce half way
up does not get chilled and any produce half way down starts to freeze up due to the evaporator coil
icing over and blocking any air flow. The PCB needs to be repaired or replaced with new parts and the
refrigerator needs to be defrosted either by time or by water which is more involved.

Bosch fridge repairs Melbourne Eastern and South Eastern suburbs

The second most common issue is a defrost heater failure inside the refrigerator which will show up as either
the refrigerator starts tripping the safety switch or circuit breaker on the main house power board
or the refrigerator starts to fail in keeping the temperature at the correct setting.
The upright recent Bosch model refrigerators are well designed and  generally don’t have too many issues.
But the most common is the electronic main board to fail followed by the compressor, this is rare
but it does happen.

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